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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a driver under arrest tonight and a truck towed just hours after a deadly hit and run that police called a homicide. a quick arrest after a deadly confrontation. good evening i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. police say that suspect may have been trying to steal wooden palettes when the victim intervened. ktvu jana katsuyama is live now at police headquarters in san leandro tonight with late information on the man under arrest. jana? >> reporter: julie, i talked
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with the police lieutenant who says that the suspect is kadim edwards. he was not the registered owner of that white truck involved in this hit-and-run crash. they brought him here for questioning and it was thanks to some very alert oakland police officers that they were able to make the arrest. emergency crews say the employee of true world foods died in the parking lot about 11:45 monday morning. witnesses say he was run over and killed while trying to stop the driver of a white pickup truck from taking wooden palettes from the parking lot. >> they were going that way, the driver was going that way. >> reporter: five hours later in oakland neighbors say chaos at the corner of east 12th street and 47th avenue. one block from the palette recycling company. stacey grigo saw the chase. >> i was coming outside to get my dog because she was barking. i looked through the back and i see a truck rolling with no driver in it. >> reporter: two oakland police officers had been patrolling
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the area about 5:00 and spotted the white ford f-250 pickup truck with a red dealer advertising plate matching the suspect's vehicle. when they turned around to stop the truck, the driver had abandoned it and ran off. >> they gave chase that way and then they came back. >> the officers chased him and eventually found him hiding underneath a parked vehicle on 48th avenue. >> reporter: investigators brought witnesses to identify the suspect. and they confirmed that the vehicle, which had damage to the front end matched the images on surveillance tape at true world foods. alameda county sheriff investigators helped process the evidence at the parking lot including using a drone to get aerial images of the scene. investigators say that a police chaplain was sent to help the family of the employee. >> we tried to stop the crime today and he paid the tragic price of trying to do what was the right thing to do. our hearts go out to the victim, all the employees at true world foods, and the family of the victim and his
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friends. >> reporter: police say they are still trying to notify relatives of the victims. they are not releasing his name tonight. as for the suspect he is believed to be booked into the santa rita jail on suspicion of murder without bail. julie? >> and jana, do we know why the suspect was trying to take the wooden palettes? >> reporter: that is something which the police say they have had thefts of these wooden palettes in the area. they're difficult to trace and there is a market for them with some of the recyclers to turn them in for cash. they think that it might be a motive, but they are questioning the people here trying to get some answers as to what that might be and certainly that they say their hearts really go out as they mention to that victim who was just on the scene just trying to do their jobs. >> jana katsuyama in san leandro tonight. thank you, jana. we are getting new details on the alleged ambush of two vallejo police officers last night. >> shots fired.
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you're okay. >> vallejo police released surveillance video showing the 41-year-old walking to the front door of the coffee shop at 8:45 last night. police say that the parolee was wearing body armor and armed with an illegally modified assault rifle. they say when he tried to fire the weapon, the gun jammed. the officer chased powell for a block and then shot him three times as he tried to clear his weapon. >> he was obviously a danger to the public. a man with an assault weapon. >> police say that powell is also carrying a loaded handgun. he is in critical, but stable condition tonight. the motive for the attempted shooting isn't clear. the police wanted to question adam powell about the accidental shooting of his 2- year-old son earlier that day. ktvu debora villalon is live now in suisun with that part of the story. >> reporter: police here tell me that powell had nothing more than a traffic ticket in suisun
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city. but he had served time as we know for felonies, robberies, and drug crimes, which may be why he ran as his son lay wounded. 23-year-old a -- 2-year-old adonis powell is at oakland children's hospital with a single gunshot wound. when the 911 call brought police to this house there was no gun and the toddler's father adam powell was gone too. >> we started hearing a woman screaming my baby. >> reporter: neighbors heard the mother's cry and other relatives were there as well. >> he was bleeding like hell. >> this man described how he carried adonis out. he says that his daughter has been in a relationship with powell for four years and they have 2-year-old twins together. a little girl in addition to adonis. >> they were adorable.
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that's my boy. >> reporter: willie says he ran to the second floor bedroom after the gun went off and found his grandson bleeding from the neck. he says that powell is upstairs at the time too. >> i looked around years ago. >> any indication from the family members, they knew that there was a gun inside that house at that point. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to figure out what was going on when adonis was shot. >> the gun was fired inside their room and there is no indication, so the presumption is that they would need to get access to the firearm inside that room. >> why would they leave? i don't understand that. >> neighbors suspect that there will be more to the story that the father would flea and end up in a potentially deadly police altercation five hours later. >> i know that my 2-year-old didn't have a chance to pull the trigger. if they grabbed it or something that it might be something that they do not sound right.
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>> reporter: adono as family calls him is in critical, but stable condition tonight. and a half sister who is 19 suggest that adam powell might have been so dispondent that he was trying to provoke police to kill him. called suicide by cop. but police know that if it is is the case julie, then why was he wearing body armor? >> yes, a lot of the questions still need to be answered in this case, debora. thank you. now to the latest in the race for the white house three weeks before the election. hillary clinton has seen her support climb to 50% in a new national poll among likely voters compared to 38% for donald trump. 6-10 voters say that they would believe the claims that trump made unwanted advances on women. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today in wisconsin. donald trump continued to accuse clinton of corruption for her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state.
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new fbi records showed a state department official last year asked the fbi to reduce the classification of one of those e-mails in what republican critics called a pro quo. that request was denied. in the meantime trump's wife spoke out about her reaction to the access hollywood tape in a rare interview with fox news. >> and those words that they were offensive to me. and they were unappropriate. he apologized to me. and i accept the apology. i will be moving on. >> accusations that trump groped women are false and that they were organized by people who oppose her husband. the full interview airs tomorrow morning on fox news. the former access hollywood host has been fired from the today show over his role in that leaked tape. bush has been heard laughing along as trump spoke about using his fame to grope and kiss women. in a statement bush said, "i'm
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deeply grateful for the conversations i've had with my daughters and for all of the support from family, friends, and colleagues. i look forward to what lies ahead." later this hour we'll take you to las vegas for the final presidential debate. ktvu ross palombo will tell us about the format of the debate and show us the final preparations that are now underway. a stunning sunset tonight after a weekend of rain. back-to-back storms got the rainy season off to a promising start. it's a welcome sight for bay area water districts after years of drought. new at 10:00, ktvu esme smith is live. >> reporter: yes, ken it is good news here, an encouraging start as you said. there is water tonight in the guadalupe river. it is generally dry. water officials say that it is encouraging news. people do still need to
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conserve. water officials in santa clara county say it is surprising to see rain this early in the season. but what is even more surprising is the amount of rainfall that fell in such a short amount of time especially in the santa cruz mountains. >> the lower gauges up in the mountains would have a pretty impressive result. >> this weekend the rainfall would range from five to ten inches in the santa cruz mountains over 24-hour period and that create the significant flows into the reservoir in south santa clara county. overall the reservoirs in the county are about 40% capacity. >> and that's a little bit low for this time of the year, so we are still below average for this time of the year. and it is a long way to go. >> a long way to go for years of drought, yet there is good news that progress is being made in replenishing the ground water ponds. they're better than a year ago. the water district als thanks the community for water conservation. >> this year our community has
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saved 28% over 2013 levels. that is the big factor. >> reporter: while the heavy rain filled rivers and at times knocked down trees and created mud slides, the water district says that they welcome the wet weather, not knowing what mother nature will bring this winter. >> we have certainly seen years where you have a good start like this in the rest of the winter that it will just move out. and we are hopeful that we will continue to have a rainy year and to have an average or above average year. >> reporter: and for all that they know this could be the last storm for months or a reminder after rainstorm, homeowners can turn off their sprinklers for at least three days. also it might be a good time to turn down the water system. all in an effort to save water. >> all right, we'll see what this winter has in stored. live in san jose, thank you. well it looked a lot like winter in the sierra-nevada today. snow flurries dumped several inches of snow in higher elevations, creating dangerous driving conditions though and prompted chain requirements on
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mountain passes. elevations above 6,000 feet got up to a foot of snow. squaw valley reports about six inches. today's snow gave resorts hope that the upcoming ski season will be a good one. and the rain has ended for now, but things are starting to warm up. how long is is it going to get this week? when will the rain return? we'll answer those questions. jury selection in the case of the teenager kidnapped and presumably killed. at 10:30 why the family of sierra lamar says that the trial will never provide closure. >> we want hopeful answers. coming up next, $1.9 billion to build the raiders a new home in las vegas. the deal signed today by nevada's governor and what lies ahead. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now.
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continuing coverage tonight on the tug of war with las vegas over the oakland raiders. today nevada governor brian sandoval signed legislation that puts the team one step closer to a move. the legislation approved an additional hotel tax to help pay for the construction of a new $1.9 billion stadium. but it is not a done deal for the raiders. a move to las vegas still needs approval from the ffl at a meeting in -- from the nfl at a meeting in january. when asked to make the nfl an offer they couldn't refuse. >> i raised my son to be a
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fanatic and he did text me and said they're going to nevada. i want my son to be wrong so bad. >> bay area fans are bracing for what might come to pass, but even if the move is approved, davis plans to keep the raiders in oakland for at least two more seasons. there were some scary seasons that hayward executive airport today as a small plane skidded off the runway. sky fox was overhead as the twin engine aircraft was towed to a hangar. an airport manager told us that for some reason the plane's left brakes locked as the plane came down and then skidded onto the adjacent field. the two people on board were not injured and no serious damage was done on the planes. emergency officials responded as a precaution. >> and now to arizona where they turned deadly for two men from san jose who have been friends since childhood. their bodies were recovered yesterday morning from a pool in hila county, arizona. investigators say the men identified as janish
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passenger -- janish patelle disappeared. the two men are long-time friends, but not related. family members called 911, but searchers weren't able to get to the remote area until the next morning. >> due to the time of day and nighttime, basically ascending by the time they got there any kind of rescue-type operation was suspended because it is a very remote area. like i said it's a one-mile hike in and a one-mile hike out. we weren't going to put anybody in the water due to safety concerns. >> the search resumed yesterday as divers were phoned by helicopters to the falls. one of the divers located the bodies of the two men pinned up against the rocks underneath the waterfall. the deaths are the second and third drownings this year at fossil creek falls, which is located within the coconino national forest. new information on the man who opened fire on a san francisco police officer friday night striking him in the head. today police identified the shooter as a 26-year-old from
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pacifica. as ktvu tara moriarty reports, that suspect died yesterday in the hospital. >> reporter: a freeze frame surveillance video shows 26- year-old nicholas mcwherter inside the sporting goods store off sloat boulevard friday night. police say he was trying to buy a knife, fought with security, then ran off later shooting officer kevin downs in the head. all units to respond, officer down. >> reporter: more than an hour later, mcwherter was surrounded where officers deployed flash grenades and shot him. he later died in the hospital. sources tell ktvu that mcwherter had been living out of his van most recently parked in front of this house on 17th avenue. >> he parked outside my house and it was there for several days. >> reporter: jeremy bornstein says that police towed the van away saturday night. neighbors are just now learning mcwherter's identity and the fact that he had a gun. >> i don't think that i ever saw the guy. i might have.
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but there is always a lot of people in and out of that house. >> it is quite concerning because i have a family and children. >> reporter: he grew up here in pacifica along with their threebrothers. one of whom called police on the day of the shooting to report them missing as he struggled with mental illness and recently gone off his medication. his family has met with the family to offer their condolences. well he is expected to survive, he had to undergo surgery to remove bullet fragments from the skull. said to be suffering some paralysis on one side of the body, but doctors are hopeful he may regain movements. his family including wife and father a retired lieutenant have been by his side since the shooting. they are requesting privacy at this time. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. today is the 27th anniversary of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake. the magnitude 6.9 earthquake caused widespread damage in the bay area and santa cruz county. the structure freeway in
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oakland and a portion of the upper deck of the bay bridge collapsed. a ruptured gas line caused a major fire in san francisco's marina district. 63 people died and more than 3,700 people were injured. damage was estimated at about $6 billion. so we will take a look at that rainfall over the last three days. it was significant. they started earlier. some mountains are half a foot of rain. six inches, five inches in the hills, the coastal hills. but most of us were in three- day totals with an inch and a half to two to three inches, which is just great. danville was coming up on four inches for this early in october. that is a very significant rainfall with a very big impact where they are having a big impact and the larger impact on the fire danger as we will push forward. outside tonight it's clear. still raining in northern california with scattered showers. you can see where the jet stream is right there on the south end of all of this as we are just seeing the clearing
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and mild cool conditions tonight. i think the overnight lows are starting to get down there in the inland bay valleys with a little bit of the patchy ground fog. it is is all the same thing that you'll see some of the north bay valleys. as we push into your bay area tomorrow, the forecast is a little bit of the coastal fog that will return on tuesday. a little bit of the valley fog up in the north bay. and those temperatures, yellows are 70s, greens are 60s. your forecast high will be warmer on wednesday, thursday, friday. we'll see you back here. jury selection gets underway in the case of sierra lamar, a teenager who was kidnapped and never found. we'll tell you about the questionnaire perspective jurors were asked to complete. later in sports a win tonight would put the cleveland indians just one win away from where they have not been since 1997. jason appelbaum will have all the highlights. the third and final presidential debate. ktvu ross palombo is in las vegas to explain the format.
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the third and final presidential debate is set for wednesday night. millions of potential voters are expected to tune in. ktvu ross palombo is in las vegas for the final preparations that are now underway. >> reporter: welcome to las vegas, we just touched down as we wanted to give you a little layout of the land here. the running rebels usually play here, but coming up on wednesday it will be all about their presidential race and the third and final debate with hillary clinton and donald trump. you can see out here in the parking lot that they are still putting the banners up with the machinery everywhere. over here across from the center, it is the media stage and that area herement the media platform is what we would call it with hundreds of journalists out there. that's the live staging area where they will be broadcasting from. they will be hosted this time
10:24 pm
by chris wallace. it is again 90 minutes with six sections, 15 minutes each. and liking the first debate, each section will start off with a question from chris wallace and each candidate will have two minutes to respond and then go back and forth for the remaining 11 minutes. at this point they're trying to get all of this together with very few people here yet. let's give you a look inside at what they're doing. they are still putting the panners -- the banners together. make america great. this is the filing center. 4,000 members of the media will be here at the table hanging on every single word of the debate. but fewer than 100 are here right now as they are still putting the stuff together right back here. and here we are inside the arena as i want you to notice how small it all seems because of the great satisfaction of the seating that has been walled off by the black curtains. where i'm standing right here, the only part where the live audience members will be allowed to watch all of this.
10:25 pm
right back here behind me, the networks. every network including fox news, they will be assemblying the report all night long. back there behind them, that's the main stage for this third and final debate. probably much smaller than what you thought it would be. on the podium on the left and the right and hillary clinton won the coin toss, so she will be taking the first question. we will be here for the next three days to bring it all live for you back there to san francisco. the report starts tomorrow. for now with the very latest in las vegas i'm ross palombo ktvu fox 2 news. you can watch that debate right here on ktvu fox 2. it airs at 6:00 p.m. on wednesday evening with live reports from ross before and after on ktvu and ktvu plus. if you won't be near a television for the debate, you can watch on, our mobile app, or even facebook. economic uncertainty rattled wall street today.
10:26 pm
the upcoming election, oil prices, and a possible interest rate hike sent the dow lower by 51 points. nasdaq lost 14 and the s&p 500 was off six points. the black friday shopping madness will begin on thursday at macy's. macy's announced that they would open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. that's an hour earlier from last year. it says that most stores will close at 2:00 a.m. and reopen at 6:00 a.m. for black friday. several retailers have decided to close on the holiday to allow their employees time with their families. high school graduation rates would hit a record high. still ahead the achievements that are being championed by president obama. >> and the missing person's case to kidnapping investigations, and now the murder trial. hear from searchers, friends, family as the case finally goes to trial. >> and no parent should ever have to go through that feeling.
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jury selection began in san jose today in the case of 15- year-old sierra lamar who vanished in morgan hill back in 2012. prosecutors have charged antolin garica-torres with the kidnapping and murder even though her body has never been found. in court today perspective jurors gasped when they learn the trial could take as long as six months. each perspective juror filled out either a request to be excused or a 31-page jury questionnaire. >> this is a treasure-trove of information particularly for the prosecution because they want to get law and order type of jurors who are going to convict in this case. >> reporter: the jurors will return to court november 14 as the panel is trimmed down to 12 jurors and six alternates. today's developments in court will come after four years of delays with multiple changes in judges and defense attorneys.
10:30 pm
>> we spoke to sierra's family, best friends, and volunteer searchers who have been waiting for this day and a father who knows their agony all too well. >> reporter: in southern santa clara county, lies a small town of morgan hill, population 41,000 people. known as a suburb for silicon valley, it is also rural country. tucked in the farmland at the intersection of palm and doherty avenues, pink ribbons cling to poles, symbolizing the search for sierra lamar. >> there is a sadness here. that you feel that you can't help, but feel as you drive by. >> reporter: full of questions where this marks as the 15-year- old would catch the school bus. but on march 16, 2012 she never made it. a desperate search ensued as hundreds of people went looking for her. no sight of the sierra, except authorities found her cell phone and then her bag tossed in a field two miles from the bus stop. the majority of searchers never
10:31 pm
met sierra. >> there's been over 1,150 searches over 55,000 hours involved in this from the beginning. >> i just put myself in their shoes. it's a horrible thing that no parent should ever have to go through with that feeling. >> reporter: this group among the original searchers are coming from different walks of life. yet united, motivated to find this high school sophomore with the style as big as their blowing personality. her best friend a year older than sierra is now graduating college. she keeps a key chain of the red shoe with her to remember sierra. >> the hardest part is just knowing that you cannot wake up to say hey what are you doing? do you want to hang out? oh you're 21 now, yes, let's experience these firsthand. that is the hardest part knowing that they will not be able to experience all these first that we were able to experience. >> reporter: two months after sierra went missing authorities
10:32 pm
arrested then 21-year-oldantolin garica-torres. they found her dna found in his red volkswagen jetta. in court garica-torres has pleaded not guilty. >> it is an overwhelming grief along with being in limbo. >> reporter: sierra's father is here for the first time since august for a preliminary hearing. the most difficult part for him grand jury transcripts where they revealed that her hair was found on rope in a trunk of garica-torres' car and markings on sierra's clothes indicating she had been dragged. steve lamar has a hard time looking at garica-torres in court. >> like i say i try to focus on what's happening in the courtroom. i don't really look over there very often. >> reporter: recently though he
10:33 pm
has been able to watch home video of sierra even though he may never know what happened to her. >> i have tried to come to terms with maybe i'll never know that. but still trying to find out. >> it's so sad. it is a horrible that he would come to that and to conclude that. but he's absolutely right. >> reporter: mark's daughter waskidnapped by a stranger in 1993 richard allen davis who confessed to the crime in petaluma. >> steve and i belong to a club nobody wants to belong to. >> reporter: that case took three years to go to trial with a change of venue. >> am i shocked by the case of the criminal justice system? no. i think that it is pretty obvious that we've got a rather broken criminal justice system.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: a justice system he says that plays to the defendant. he expects the defense attorneys will try to discredit sierra as well as garcia- torres' mental state. the one big difference between the two cases, paula's body was found two months after she disappeared. a group of volunteers meet once a month to search for sierra. all of them searching for answers. >> i hope that he finally says something, you know, that's all we want just closure. >> reporter: as for sierra's father steve his hope is for justice. although he says that he lost a part of himself the daisyier a was taken. >> it's never full closure. and it will only be helpful answers. >> reporter: prosecutors have also charged garica-torres with attempted kidnapping on three other women in morgan hills prior to sierra.
10:35 pm
sierra's family wants the death penalty if he is found guilty. given if the penalty fits the crime. ironically jury selection begins two days from what would have been sierra's 20th birthday. in san jose ktvu fox 2 news. >> this trial could take as long as six months. it's going to be long, difficult, and emotional. ktvu will be following it all the way to the end. coming up a young couple had been in their new home for just 20 minutes when a fire broke out. still ahead tonight, why they are now struggling to find a new place to live despite help from others. all right, you can put the umbrellas away far little while. we'll start to warm up. i'll let you know what day that will map. >> you can see the pictures in san francisco and city hall with a -- with a glow in pink. we'll describe the significance.
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new at 10:00 berkeley police are investigating a sexual assault that was reported at an off-campus fraternity house. the incident happened friday night and the victim is a female uc berkeley student. she told police she was at a school event at the fraternity house when she awoke the next day and reported unwanted sexual conduct. police did not release the name of the fraternity with no word of any arrests. the sonoma county sheriff's office has identified the man killed in a triple shooting over the weekend. it happened at a house in a rural area of sebastopol along highway 116 on saturday night. when deputies arrived they found three people had been shot. 36-year-old nathan proto died at the scene. investigators have not identified a motive or a suspect, but they do say that
10:39 pm
it is not random. president obama visited a high school in washington, d.c. today announcing the high school graduation rate in the u.s. has reached a record new high of 83.2%. the president encourages students to continue their education to the next level. >> we live in a global economy and when you graduate, you're no longer going to be competing just with somebody here in dc for a great job, but you're competing with somebody on the other side of the world in china or in india. >> reporter: according to the white house, increases in the same ethnic groups and students from low-income families. but there were still gaps along ethnic longs with asian -- lines with asian-americans having the highest graduation rates and native americans with the lowest. san francisco city hall took a big new anniversary. the building is laid in pink to commemorate the 100th anniversary. mayor ed lee and representatives from the
10:40 pm
department of public health were there to take part of the lightning services. a bay area couple expecting a baby and hoping for a miracle. >> we are hoping that someone is out there that might have a one bedroom. >> their plea for help after a fire destroyed all of their belongings just minutes after moving. and chief meteorologist bill martin will show us his extended forecast and whether or not that there is even more rain in the sights.
10:41 pm
10:42 pm
a san francisco couple with a baby on the way is asking for help tonight after losing everything in a fire. ktvu paul chambers spoke with that couple who says they're desperate to find a new place to live. >> i don't know what to do with them as we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: lou miller and his
10:43 pm
fiance rachel are looking for a new place to live. >> reporter: the couple were seven-months pregnant losing everything they owned when their apartment caught on fire on october 7. the two were only inside for about 20 minutes when they smelled smoke from an apartment directly underneath them, which was on fire. >> i just wanted my son to have everything. i worked really hard to get him the things i wanted to get him. their truck's motor blew three days after the fire. until this morning the red cross put them up at this apartment, but that voucher ran out. >> we are hoping for a miracle. we really are. we are hoping that someone is out there with a one-bedroom. >> reporter: the couple were thankful for the money raised and the items given. but until they have a place, they have no place to put them. even still the two saved the
10:44 pm
most important thing, the health of their unborn child. they are grateful for the outpour of support far little boy who isn't even here. >> so many people want to help him to give him things and to do things for him. and like i said he's not even here and he doesn't even know how this community loves him. >> reporter: the couple says that every time -- dime they raise will help them rent a new apartment. but they need to find someone to accept their section 8 voucher. paul chambers fox 2 news. it is a chilly dry day today after a pretty wet weekend. much-needed rainfall with plenty of it. some areas are over four inches of rain that we have talked about. most areas around an inch and a half, the highs for today. tomorrow's highs will be just like these, maybe a little bit warmer for places like fairfield to go to 73 or 74 tomorrow. but slightly warmer by a degree or two and then significant warming as we head into wednesday and thursday and friday as well. so no fog out there right now, but the coastal fogs are expected to return tonight as well as a little bit of the
10:45 pm
patchy valley fog. we showed you the rain north of us. overnight lows though, because they are going to be getting down to the upper 0s, the ground is wet, then we might see the valley fog inland and especially there, but don't count out parts for the little windshields and the nooks and the crannies. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning with san francisco. and this is the model with some fog being depicted. fog burns off quickly, the high at lunchtime in san francisco mid-60s. in san francisco they end up mostly sunny tomorrow at 62 degrees. so it is a good 8 degrees warmer than what it was today. temperatures tap out in the upper low 60s. so slightly warmer tomorrow. that's san francisco. everybody else will be slightly warmer as well. low pressure has moved off. this brought a lot of rain with the monsieur, the subtropical moisture cap. now it's gone, now we warm up. high pressure builds back in. we set up this week for a warm
10:46 pm
up. a big difference from what we saw this saturday, friday, saturday, sunday. that was a real rain event. that'd be a real rain event in february. to me you get five inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. that is a significant rain event. even here in the mountains reports up in mt. rose, like i said earlier that you don't always, sometimes when they tell you how much they got the ski reports are exaggerating a little bit. i looked at pictures and mount rose looks like they got 16inches of snow. squaw valley got six inches. any time you are getting rain early in this season that's great news. 68 in san mateo. 70 at menlo park. a few clouds are lingering, the coastal fog and then it just gets warmer and warbler and warmer. i think that friday is the day we peak in temperatures. friday will be the warmest day. i did mention that we talked a little bit about the next chance for showers. the next real opportunity that we have for rain in the bay
10:47 pm
area is going to be the following weekend. so the last weekend in october. i mean that could change, but right now the models are bullish on something that is the last halloween time there. the last weekend of october, maybe more rain in the forecast. maybe some significant rain. so we'll see. >> and so it is an early start. it looks like they are down in the headlines. >> any time you put in half a foot of rain in the santa cruz mountains for the end of october you're doing something right. >> it was coming down. thanks, bill. all right, coming up sports. we're going to tell you about an nfl star that is trying to make out with an object. we'll explain. n't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives,
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it's worth it.
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all right, jason is here now to talk about baseball. one team is just one win away from getting to the world series? >> if you ask most folks they want the cubs to get in. the non-dodger fans that is. but yeah the cleveland indians, maybe a distant second and they are indeed one win away from punching their ticket to the world series. indians pitcher trevor bower four pitches into the game when this happened. blood streaming from his right pinky. this is due to a drone accident. it popped out. bower was done for the day. it was a bullpen day for cleveland. the bottom of the 5th, 2-1. toronto ties it up. carrera, yes, it is in the
10:51 pm
outfield wall there. thank you for your help. ezequiel carrera rounds the bases to third to score. a batter later game tied up at two. but cleveland responds the next inning. jason kipnis crushes one to the deep right, no doubt about it. cleveland is up 3-2. and then more kipnis, this time with the glove. great stop here. he throws that across his body to get darwin barney to end the game. cleveland wins 4-2. they lead this series three games to none. barney and the jays are on the verge of getting swept as we said cleveland is a win away from their first race since 1997. sharks, rangers combined for 11 goals tonight at madison square garden. two of them by brett burns, the black eye and all. third period 3-1 new york. burns, takes the pass from paul martin. he'll be right out in front and he'll score on the little wrister right here. 3-2. burns as we said, a big
10:52 pm
game tonight. rangers though, three on two. kevin hays, he'll beat martin jones as the rangers will go up by two goals. and then just 21 seconds later, here at the game they turn it over. rangers with some nice passing. jimmy v. will beat martin jones for his first ever nhl goal. rangers had a couple of empty nethers as they win 7-4. sharks lose their first game of the season. they are now 2-1. following the 49ers's 45-16 loss to buffalo yesterday an anonymous bills player describes colin kaepernick as "done, terrible, and more of a distraction than a contributing member of the team." but here is the thing, he was at least as good as blaine gabbert. so the 49ers have a little quarterback issue on their hands. and kaep was announced as the starter because he played well enough. at least for a half. chip kelly says. 8-11, 135 yards, and a touchdown. so a pretty good first half for colin kaepernick, but in the
10:53 pm
second half a completely different story. 5-18 just 52 yards over through, under through. he was at his best as usual when he took off running. here is kelly. he offered this lukewarm endorsement of kaepernick today. >> i think that there are some things that he did on sunday that they need to build upon. you know, for the first extended playing time since last year. that there is room for them to grow i'm sure as he would watch the tape tomorrow to give us a chance to watch it and everything that he'll see some things to give them a chance to be a little better. they did a lot of really good things as we need to try to make our matters move forward. >> we've got larry davis on hand here for this. pretty, pretty, pretty. david johnson was the story, takes the hand off to make a fewmoves. kicks it in gear. 58 yards for the touchdown down the sideline, 111 yards, three
10:54 pm
touchdowns for the cardinals. cardinals win 28-3. and they even the record at 3-3. off to 1-5. we have a marriage proposal unlike any that you have ever seen. i'm quite sure of that. the giants, wide receiver, odell beckham has shown he's an emotional guy and took out his frustration on a kicking nit and the net hit -- net and the net hit him back. but since then the net and beckham made up. beckham ran up giving the net a smooch. that brings us to yesterday, beckham with a huge game and the giants win over baltimore. so no better time. he's in a good mood. gets down on one knee and makes his proposal. what do you say, odell beckham. >> you know where our relationship is going. i thought you would make it in the series. i proposed, she said yes. so we're going to get married some time soon. >> some time soon.
10:55 pm
that is just an odd story right there. jim harbaugh was back in the bay area over the weekend. doing a little recruiting. high school recruiting on saturday. the michigan coach was in albany. he got himself a job holding down for st. mary's and the night before he was in antioch to check out the nation's number one recruit in naji harris a runningback. that wasn't all that he was doing. turns out that he was doing a little homecoming announcing. >> get in on the action. >> yes. >> he is recruiting hard, exactly, but we couldn't hear her name. if you know her name give us a call or a tweet.
10:56 pm
but homecoming queen announced by jim harbaugh. that is pretty cool. >> you had some friends there at the game? >> yes, huge michigan fans. >> they spotted him? >> harbaugh came down and posed with them for pictures and everything and they are huge michigan fans, so they were wearing all their michigan garb. he is hoping that he, "flips naji." in other words that he is committed to alabama, but only verbally, right? >> yes. >> no letter of intent. so harbaugh is out there, at least the third trip trying to get him to come to michigan. >> he's a good player. he's a man among boys. >> he's huge, yeah. >> all right, jason, thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. up next modern family. >> join us tomorrow for mornings on 2. you can find us any time online, on twitter, facebook, and the ktvu app. have a great night. good night.
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